Bradford Management Group is able to provide a full life cycle view of talent management. Searching and attracting the right talent is only the beginning.  Developing dynamic leaders, helping employees transition from the company in a thoughtful and productive way, and empowering your workforce are all services that we offer. BMG can consult, plan, and implement talent management programs that deliver results. We view talent management as a strategic approach to managing human capital throughout the career cycle.

Recruiting and Attracting Talent

Finding and attracting qualified talent is the critical first step in the talent management cycle. Matching the right person to the appropriate job and culture is always our toughest challenge. The changing economy, our evolving workforce, and keener competition for talent are all factors that make this step more challenging than ever. BMG can provide customized recruiting solutions to your hiring project. Read more about Executive Search.

Developing Talent

Employees typically cite career development as one of the top two job satisfiers. Your employees want to be challenged and developed!  In fact, those that aren't typically become less productive or, perhaps, even leave. Sound familiar?  Improve your organization's performance by promoting team and individual development and engagement. Through our full range of programs we will help you manage your most important asset -- your employees.  Ask us about our portfolio of resources from assessing leadership potential and readiness to developmental planning and coaching.  Our measurement/assessment techniques will demonstrate to top management how investing in your talent pays off.  Rely on BMG Career Services to gain that elusive competitive advantage that you have been searching for.  Learn more on
Read more about Career Management.

Transitioning Talent / Outplacement

We are experts in helping people transition. Within BMG Career Services our approach is one that still relies on a 'high touch' solution. We believe in the value of one-on-one coaching and providing your employees with a dedicated consultant.  This individual would conduct a careful needs assessment and tailor a program to meet the unique needs of the affected individual. Exiting employees and those who remain, look to your organization for support and guidance. In the uneasiness created by organizational change, allow BMG's Career Services division to demonstrate your business integrity by providing high-touch personalized transition services. Read more about Career Transition Services.

Executive Search

We understand the detrimental effects of a critical vacancy. Similarly, we have witnessed the dividends that a company can realize with the addition of top tier leadership capital. Partner with BMG to identify, attract and secure that elusive talent that you desire.

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Career Management

Employees cite career development as one of two top job satisfiers. Your employees want to be challenged and developed; if they're not, they will become less productive or, perhaps, even leave. Improve your organization's performance by promoting team and individual development and engagement.

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Career Transition Services

Tap into our Online Career Portal powered by Career Partners International and gain access to a one of a kind self-marketing curriculum and interactive exercises.  These tools, and others, help candidates to enhance their skills and put their best foot forward to potential employers. This comprehensive resource is designed to enable you to conduct the most productive job search possible.

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