Recruiting and Attracting Talent

August 2, 2011

Finding and attracting qualified talent is the critical first step in the talent management cycle. Matching the right person to the appropriate job and culture is always our toughest challenge. The changing economy, our evolving workforce, and keener competition for talent are all factors that make this step more challenging than ever.  BMG provides customized recruiting solutions to your hiring project.

Pre-Employment Assessments.

Matching the right person to the right job is an inexact science in most organizations. Our assessment and benchmarking process ensures that you hire candidates who fit the unique job requirements of the position. We also identify critical competencies that your people will need and develop success predictors to help you get the most out of every hire.

Onboarding Transition Programs.

The first 100 days in any new job is critical. Every 30 days a psychometric assessment is conducted to assess how the employee is adapting to their new situation. Through six structured meetings, our onboarding coach ensures the new employee is on track and resources, relationships and responsibilities are being appropriately aligned. Sequenced discussions and coaching meetings focus on situational analysis, goal setting, relationship and team building, followed by business planning. The final program element, the 100 Day Trust Accelerator™, provides the new employee with valuable and timely feedback through a 360° assessment.

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