Candidates often wonder, “How do I handle salary situations during an interview?”

August 4, 2011

  • When asked about your salary history, always RESPOND DIRECTLY without ambiguity and diversion.  Interviewers will become suspicious and question your integrity if they sense you are being misleading.
  • During salary negotiations, try to REMOVE PERSONAL EMOTION and remain objective.  Usually, this is the most difficult because our earnings are important to our quality of life and many associate their compensation with their personal value.  Remember, compensation is based on several factors (supply versus demand; company budgets; comparable benchmarks, etc.) and is more "objective than subjective".
  • Finally, REMAIN POSITIVE at all times and work towards a solution.  Interviewers will be more agreeable and flexible with candidates that exhibit a positive attitude and demonstrate a genuine interest in wanting the job.  Remember, the interviewer's goal is to fill the open position, so finding a positive, interested, and passionate candidate is over half the battle.
  • Good Luck!


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